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Egypt – A new world order

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From the land of sphinxes and pyramids
A million voices rise
Breaking the shackles of bondage,
Stifled voices and  suppressed anger

The veil of ignorance is lifted
A spirited,young, savvy populace
Can no more be fooled
Into subservience

Broken wings and gagged mouths
Empty speeches and hollow promises
People seething in pain
Against years of slavery

The crowds gather at Tahrir
United to the core
Fuelled by a common purpose
Of overthrowing a despot

Bullet shots pierce through the night
Another innocent bystander falls
Truth and freedom will win the fight
Against a merciless ruler

Tanks and guns cannot silence
The brave Egyptian spirit
The cries for freedom proclaim
A new world order

© copyright skm February 6th, 2011

Woodlands Waterfront – another recreational choice!

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Today evening, being fine weather, we decided to visit the Woodlands Waterfront.  When we arrived we saw many kites flying.  It is an ideal location for kite flying as it is very open and windy.  We also saw people cycling, inline skating, fishing and some were having a picnic.  Being a long Chinese new year weekend, there was quite a crowd of people walking along the bridge.

The Woodlands Waterfront project is part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Parks and Waterbodies Plan, which seeks to enhance Singapore’s green spaces and waterbodies on an island-wide basis. The project is under URA’s ALivE, or Active, Liveable and Endearing Communities programme, which upgrades waterfront areas, enhance community areas and improve amenities in these places.

The project is developed in two Phases. Phase 1 consists of a 200m long waterfront promenade connected to a 400m long refurbished jetty, waterfront picnic areas, event plaza, and an amenity building with a roof top look-out point. Phase 2 will offer an additional 1.3km long waterfront promenade with fitness stations and lookout points, and a park scheduled to be ready by end 2010.

The Woodlands Waterfront will also form part of the comprehensive network of parks and park connectors in the area and is intended to provide connectivity for the residents to the waterfront for recreational purposes. With its completion, more of the northern waterfront will be accessible for public enjoyment. It will also be linked to the recently completed Admiralty Park and the park connector along Woodlands Centre Road and Admiralty Road West in the future.The park includes the “Scenic Trail” that lets visitors have a bird’s eye view of the park and also look across the Straits of Johor.

A 700-metre stretch of cantilevered promenade with fitness areas and look-out points is also included in the 9-hectare park. There is also a 1.5km long waterfront promenade and jetty for visitors to take in the sea view, as well as a multi-generational playground and fitness corner for families and people of all ages.


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