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My Cichlid tank

After having reared goldfish, angelfish and neon tetra this time I setup a tank with African cichlids.  These are very interesting fish that are very active and aggressive.  So, the tank can be setup with coral sand at the bottom and some rocks (cichlids love to hide in the holes of the rocks and also love to spit sand and alter the look of the tank). 

So, after cleaning up the tank, I filled the tank with coral sand upto 1.5 inches from the bottom.  Then, I placed the rocks and filled the tank with water.  After the pump was started the tank was allowed to run for 1 week until the water was clean.  Then, the fish were introduced.

We named our cichlids: Phelps, Goldy, Sweety, Softy, Master, Spotty,  Blacky and Lovely.  Initially , Phelps was the most aggressive and liked to chase the others around.  But, nowadays it has calmed down.  About 10% of the water in the tank has to be changed every week.

  The tank is a 20Wx2 tank  with length 62cm , breadth 40cm and height 53cm.  The pH for the water is about 8.0 – 8.2.

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